Pixelcopter is a side-scrolling game where the agent must successfully nagivate through a cavern. This is a clone of the popular helicopter game but where the player is a humble pixel.

Valid Actions

Up which causes the pixel to accelerate upwards.

Terminal states (game_over)

If the pixel makes contact with anything green the game is over.


For each vertical block it passes through it gains a positive reward of +1. Each time a terminal state reached it receives a negative reward of -1.

class ple.games.pixelcopter.Pixelcopter(width=48, height=48)[source]

width : int

Screen width.

height : int

Screen height, recommended to be same dimension as width.


Gets a non-visual state representation of the game.



  • player y position.
  • player velocity.
  • player distance to floor.
  • player distance to ceiling.
  • next block x distance to player.
  • next blocks top y location,
  • next blocks bottom y location.

See code for structure.